#OTalk Research 3th Sep 2019 A Contemporary Assessment of Occupational Therapy Research 2019

This weeks OTalk Research will be hosted by @CAOT2019

Research has to start somewhere.

Occupational Therapy like many AHP professions is a challenging area to start a research journey within. This talk aims to look at where people get their ideas for research from, as well as the overall process of making their research a reality.

Do you have experience of conducting Occupational Therapy research? Or is it something you would like to do in the future? If this is you, join Diane and Annie from Sheffield Hallam University (@CAOT2019) in next week’s #OTalkResearch! This is a chance for you to share your views on the practicalities of conducting Occupational Therapy research. So, with that in mind, here’s what we’ll be discussing:

1.       Research has to start somewhere.  A lot of OT knowledge is in people’s heads.  What kind of things are you investigating?

2.       How do you pursue this activity/knowledge and make it into research?

3.       Do you do this in your own time or do you get work time?

4.       Have you thought about how you could translate this work into something badged as research?

5.       What areas of OT practice don’t fit into conventional research practice?

This #OTalk Research chat forms part of a larger project conducted by Sheffield Hallam University on behalf of RCOT entitled A Contemporary Assessment of Occupational Therapy Research. The project will map the current position of contemporary occupational therapy research across the UK.

In addition to the OTalk If you have completed OT research since 2014 or are currently working on an on-going OT research we would like to hear from you via this survey link:


Please note this is a separate project to the one undertaken by RCOT and the James Lind Association.

Post Chat Updates:

Online transcript from Healthcare Hashtags

PDF of transcript: #OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript September 3rd 2019

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