#OTalk 27th Aug 2019 – Evidence based practice and approaches to intervention.

This week  Jamie Cardell @OTJme, Becca Shelton @BeccasheltonOT, and Lyndsay Court @LyndsaycourtOT, will be hosting the chat is what they had to say:

The three of us are excited to be hosting our first OTalk on Tuesday 27th Aug. We have recently attended a CO-OP training course and this has sparked a lot of debate within our Paediatric Occupational Therapy team about evidenced based practice and top down Vs bottom up approaches.

Collectively we are trained in Sensory Integration and Bobath (NDT). These approaches have informed a lot of our practice, however with our recent CO-OP training and evidence in the Novak (2019) systematic review we have begun to question the use of these approaches in practice and wonder whether we are truly providing evidence based interventions to our clients. The Novak (2019) paper highlighted that NDT and SI were in the red/do not do interventions, whereas task/goal focused interventions I.E. CO-OP are green and definitely do. There is a suggestion that Occupational Therapy practice can lag 20 years behind the research; we are therefore keen to gain further insight into how other Occupational Therapists are using these approaches and what implications the Novak (2019) research paper has for future practice.

Questions that will be asked during the chat include:

  1. What top down and bottom up approaches are you currently using within your settings?
  2. What are your thoughts on top down versus bottom up approaches in Occupational Therapy and how effective do you find these?
  3. Has the Novak (2019) systematic review changed your practice or thoughts about using approaches such as Ayres Sensory Integration and Bobath for certain client groups?
  4. How do you stay up to date with the latest evidence and how do you apply this evidence to practice?

@OTJme,  @BeccasheltonOT, @LyndsaycourtOT


Online Transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript August 27th 2019

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