#OTalk is a weekly Twitter chat, designed to enable discussion about occupational therapy and the broader academic discipline of occupational science.  

The #OTalk twitter chats take place on Tuesday evenings between 8pm-9pm (UK time) and are suggested and facilitated by members of the #OTalk community (for example Occupational Therapists, students and researchers). Each host produces a blog post to introduce their topic and then leads the chat by using a number of questions on the night to start the discussion. To follow and engage in the discussion, use the hashtag #OTalk on Twitter.

#OTalk is run by a team of volunteers, that have evolved over the years adding new ideas and developments that has enabled #OTalk to engage more with the community. All that have or are involved are passionate about empowering occupational therapists to engage in CPD.  Each individual has contributed a great deal to the development of #OTalk since 2011.

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