Guide for #OTalk Research Hosts

Do you have an idea for a topic for our monthly research chats?  

Research is everyone’s business, whether you consider yourself a research producer, a research consumer or somewhere in between! Clinicians, managers, educators, researchers and students are all required to engage with the evidence that informs our practice.

Many of the topics covered in the weekly #OTalk chats will address aspects of research evidence as part of the discussions. However, a few years ago, based on our own observations in addition to feedback from the wider occupational therapy community, we took the decision to dedicate the first #OTalk of each month to a research specific topic. 

We are interested in hearing from you if you have an idea for a topic which is research focussed. It may be related to a particular methodology, data collection method or specific technique or skill. Perhaps your topic relates to a professional development issue, either as someone who carries out their own research or hopes to in the future or you might wish to explore the opportunities for clinical academic careers.  Or it may be that you use, or wish to develop your skills in using research evidence to inform your practice.   

You might even consider hosting a talk on a topical issue that affects the conduct or use of research by occupational therapists. We are also open to new ideas as to how research topics can be covered, for example you may wish to host a talk on a specific study, along the lines of a journal club.

There is some great work going on out there within the research community and also within the wider clinical context and this is a great platform to showcase your work, to seek support, or to share your ideas for research and development.  

If you would like to discuss your idea further, then please do drop a message to a member of the #OTalk Research team (Dr Jenny Preston  (@preston_jenny  or Dr Nikki Daniels (@NikkiDanielsOT ) and we’d be happy to hear and  further develop your ideas. Alternatively, you can complete a host request form here and we will get in touch. 

Further advice on hosting an #OTalk can be found in the Guide for Hosts here.