#OTalk Tuesday 27th July @AbleOTUK Launch Event – Choose either the #OTalk chat or join our live Teams event.

This Tuesday is very exciting @OTalk_ are pleased to use its platform to help launch a new OT affiliation group @AbleOTUK, just in time for the end of this years #DisabilityPrideMonth.  Here is what @OTableOTUK have to say…….

We @AbleOTUK are excited about our Launch, there has been lots of work behind the senses and we can’t wait to get started. For our launch we have two options for you to engage in, simultaneously, 8pm Tuesday 27th July.

  • Live Teams Event that will have a slideshow, and members sharing their experiences.  (Requires Booking 100 free spaces available.)
  • A Traditional #OTalk focusing on Accessibility and Disability (Questions below) Both events will be available to watch/read after the launch.

We are a core group of volunteer Occupational Therapists and a patient advocate who run and maintain @AbleOTUK twitter account and soon to be coming website. We hope in the very near future to run some online events, provide useful resources, create supportive networks and work with other stakeholders, please see our terms of reference below, for more detail. You can download the a copy of the groups frame of reference below. (There are three visions available, if your needs are not meet, please let us know and we will endeavour to create the document in a formate that suits your needs.)

July is #DisabilityPrideMonth one of our members @GeorgiaVineOT ask the OT community with disabilities and or health problems, to tweet something they would like the rest of the community to think about. These “Dear OT Community” tweets have been made it to a video

Those with disabilities are the largest & most diverse minority within the worlds population, they represent all abilities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions and Social Economic Background.  In order to grow, as a profession, we must first recognise that there’s a problem. These events are an opportunity to share your experiences and/or learn from others.  Everyone is welcome,  we are really excited about our launch, and can’t wait to hear from the OTalk community.  https://youtu.be/TSeQAO7z1io

Question 1 – What is your understanding of disability and how this might impact a person?

Question 2 – What is your understanding of accessibility and how it might impact a person?

Question 3 – In regards to disability and accessibility, what barriers have you come across, either when working with a client, or for your own needs?

Question 4 – What and how can we as an OT profession, RCOT and AbleOTUK do to remove the barriers?

Post Chat

What a great launch @AbleOTUKwould like to thank OTalk for hosting us, and to everyone that joined in, gave their support and help.

Below is a PDF of the Twitter Transcript, along with statictics showing what engaged and what Impressions where made on twitter.

Under that information, is a link from @AbleOTuk’s Youtube account, with a video of the launch teams event (apologise its not the best there were tech issues so it was filmed on a phone)

If you have any questions, would like to assess support, and or information from AbleOTUK. Please contact them these ways.

We have a closed group on discord, you can request to join.

The Numbers

2.258M Impressions
535 Tweets
95 Participants
9 Avg Tweets/Hour
6 Avg Tweets/Participant 

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