#OTalk Research Chats

#OTalk Research 1st November 2016

Research Training Opportunities for Occupational Therapists with NIHR and HEE

Research is essential to the NHS and is even recognised as part of the NHS constitution. There’s increasing evidence that NHS trusts which are really engaged in research actually deliver better outcomes for patients. For the NHS staff directly involved in research; the option of pursuing a clinical academic career is seen as both really rewarding and highly stimulating.

If you are an Occupational Therapist interested in getting into research or you think that a clinical academic career might be for you; the NIHR and HEE have several opportunities to get you started or build on your existing research career. The HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic programme allows healthcare professionals to develop their research career alongside their clinical career. Options range from internships for those brand new to research to senior clinical lectureships for established clinical academics looking to become leaders in their field. The NIHR Fellowship Programme provides similar options ranging from PhD-level fellowships for people looking to start a research career, to Senior Research Fellowships for researchers who are already independent.

Whichever level or programme you are interested in applying for, NIHR and HEE are looking to fund the brightest and best individuals interested in pursuing a career in applied health. Starting out on a clinical academic career can seem a daunting prospect at first but one which can be really rewarding. As a clinician you have the opportunity to help hundreds of patients but as an academic clinician you have the opportunity to help thousands.

Pete Thompson (@peteianthompson) and Nicola Melody (@NixMelody) from the NIHR Trainees Coordinating Centre (@NIHR_Trainees) are joining us for an #OTalk on Tuesday 1 st November at 8pm. They’ll be answering questions like the ones below about starting or progressing a clinical academic career and giving you the chance to ask questions and hear about opportunities. Join us

for what we hope will be a really exciting #OTalk

1. I have no research experience but I’m really interested; where should I start?

2. I have a PhD and really want to continue my research career; what opportunities are there?

3. I really want to continue working as an OT while developing my research career; how can I do this?

4. I want to apply to one of the programmes; is there any help I can get to put my application together?

5. How does OT research fit with the remit for the NIHR?

Nikki Daniels (@NikkiDanielsOT ) from the #OTalk Research Team will be support the chat.

Here are some of the links that NIHR referred to during  the chat:

Post Chat

Online Transcript

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