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Tuesday 20th September – Celebrating OT with the OTshow and Jen Gash

There is so much great OT practice in the UK. This ranges from OT in statutory services, to OTs working in the 3rd sector, to independent OTs, to OTs breaking new ground in diverse areas and of course, support workers who keep it all running!   This OT twitter talk is for you – the grass roots practitioners whose great work may go undetected. Not all OTs are able to publish articles or research or present papers at conference or win large research grants, but that doesn’t mean their work should go unrecognised or disseminated.

Last year saw the inaugural OT Show Awards, launched at the show in November. The awards were a great success and this year we have added another category!  We want to you to nominate OT  people, services and innovations who you feel deserve some recognition. This year’s categories are

  • Outstanding Senior OT
  • Outstanding OT
  • Outstanding OTTI/OTA
  • Outstanding Innovation (product, service or tool)
  • Outstanding Innovator (person)

This OTalk on twitter will hopefully get your thoughts flowing about what makes great OT practice, what great things are going on inside our profession and how best we can share and celebrate our successes.  The questions for discussion tonight are:

1)            What do you feel is the best way to celebrate and share good OT practice in the UK? #OT #OT365 #occupationaltherapy

2)            What stops people sharing their ideas and different ways they practice? #OT #OT365 #occupationaltherapy

3)            If you needed an OT yourself, what would you like to see them do? #OT #OT365 #occupationaltherapy

4)            What makes OT practice, outstanding? #OT #OT365 #occupationaltherapy

5)            Do you know an OT/OTA, a service or innovation that deserves a big pat on the back? #OT #OT365 #occupationaltherapy

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