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Announcement: Student Digital Leader Intern Position Filled!

The #OTalk team are thrilled to announce that after a brilliant application, Kirstie (@KLO2_KAY) is going to be joining the team as the new #OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern.

We asked Kirstie to introduce herself to the community… Here’s what she said:



Hi there! My name is Kirstie; I’m a 2nd year Occupational Therapy student and an Occupational Therapy practitioner currently working in Dementia. My areas of interest include the therapeutic use of Lego, Animals as therapy and of course the use of social media for role promotion and shared learning experiences. When it comes to the professional use of Twitter I strongly believe in its versatility and accessibility and when used correctly and well, it is an untapped source of knowledge and opportunity.


Even when using social media for professional purposes I still feel there should be an element of ourselves shared as that is part of what makes us the type of professionals we are. If you have ever stopped by my Twitter profile (@KLO2_KAY) you will have seen frequent Occupational Therapy and healthcare related posts interwoven with those about cats, food and the traditional student moans and groans, as that is pretty much what sums me up as a person! Part professional and part normal human being (Most of the time!).


If you are at #COT2016 you can meet her in person at the Social Media Networking Meeting: #OTalkonTour. But in the meantime please show Kirstie some OT Love on twitter and welcome her to the crew.


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