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#OTalk 14th June 2016 – The R & D Board, Research and You

This week Bel Youngson (@OTBelY) will be hosting #OTalk, focusing on The R & D Board, Research and You. Bel has written the introductory blog post below:

The role of the College of Occupational Therapists’ Research and Development Board includes:


  • Supporting the development of research capacity and promotion of funding opportunities for occupational therapy research through partnership working


  • Promoting the importance of robust evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness, and the availability of the knowledge base of the profession via local, regional and national facilities


  • Providing leadership to the profession and informing the development of high quality services that are responsive to the research and information management needs of members, and


  • Promoting research topics that are of policy and professional priority to research-active members.


Raising the profile of research in occupational therapy is being promoted by the Board in a number of ways. In the first of several articles on research in OT News, Mandy Sainty R & D Manager, talks to OT academics to see whether it is possible to combine a clinical and a research career (March 2016, pp32-33). Other articles relating to research are due to be published in OT News in June and September 2016. In addition Pauline McDonald, R and D Officer, has produced a series of research blogs on the BAOT blog. These can be found at https://baotcot.wordpress.com/author/baotcot/ .

The R and D Board will also be holding a networking meeting at the COT Annual Conference – All you ever wanted to know about research! – in Harrogate on Tuesday 28 June 2016 from 18.40 – 19.25, to which you are invited.

In order to inform direction and be responsive to the needs of occupational therapists the following questions in this OTalk session will be discussed:

  1. What would help you get more involved in research?
  2. Do you know what support is available for you to get involved in research?
  3. Do you know what resources COT provides to help with research?
  4. How as a profession can we ensure that the skills that pre-reg students learn in research can be taken forward into practice?

Members of the R & D Board will be on hand to help answer questions and sign-post to resources


Join us on Tuesday at 8pm (UK time), to join the #OTalk discussion. 

Post Chat Updates:

Online Transcript from Healthcare Hashtags. 

PDF of Transcript: #OTalk 14 June 2016

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