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#OTalk 10th May 2016 – What does it mean to engage with research within practice?

 What does it mean to engage with research within practice?

Date:   10/05/2016  Host: @LynneGoodacre

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Discussions about the role of research in clinical settings can get bogged down very quickly in the barriers and challenges to doing research. Whilst the ‘doing’ of research is important principle 3 of the NHS constitution sets out a much broader vision of engagement with research via its commitment to:

            the promotion, conduct and use of research to improve the current and future health and care of the population.




This weeks OTalk is designed to encourage and challenge us to take a step back from the well trodden path of barriers and focusing on the conduct of research and to think more broadly about different ways in which we can engage with research. As a starting point here are some questions to think about


  • What do we really mean by developing a culture of research in a clinical setting? What is it that we aspire to achieve, what would therapists be doing and talking about in such a culture?
  • How much do you know about the research community in your organisation and local area?
  • What is the OTs role in promoting opportunities to participate in research to service users? How do you go about doing this?
  • How do you work to ensure that your practice is evidence informed?
  • If you are interested in conducting research what can you do/have you done to develop your skills and expertise?



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