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#OTalk 3rd May 2016. Social Media- HCPC Guidance

#OTalk – Social Media- HCPC Guidance

Date:  03/05/2016  Host: @GillyGorry

Blog Post  –  Transcript

The HCPC are running a workshop for you to have a say in their social media Guidance. on the 1oth May 2016 you can sign up to participate here https://hcpc.clevertogether.com/en/login

The #OTalk community is a shiny example of the potential that using social media can hold – so we’d like you to share what you think the HCPC guidance should cover.

Q1) Should there be fixed do’s and don’ts?  if so what should they be?

Q2) How would/does HCPC guidance influence the use of social media?

Q3) Would there be any differences in how different professions use social media?

Q4) Would overly restrictive rules hinder professional use of social media? if so, how?

Q5) What topics do you feel should be included?


Following the chat I will send a copy of the transcript to the HCPC.

Post chat updates:

Online Transcript


PDF of Transcript: #OTalk 3 May 2016


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