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28th April 2015 – Is going on holiday good for your well-being? What might be the OT Role? 

Is going on holiday good for your well-being? What might be the OT Role? 

Date:   26/04/2016  Host: @OT_rach

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For this weeks #OTalk we are discussing going on holiday.  The first part of the chat will explore what going on holiday does for a persons well-being.  The second part will explore if occupational therapists have a role to play in assisting people going on holiday.

Whilst researching this a little online I found information mainly from charities about how to go on holiday with varying disabilities,



I also found lots of companies offered accessible holidays, however differing ideas of what accessibility is.   As occupational therapist is gong on holiday something we ever discuss with our service users?

Tune in on Tuesday 26th April 8pm and join in.

Rachel @OT_rach

Post Chat Updates:

Online Transcript from HealthCare Hashtags. 

PDF of transcript: #OTalk 26th April 2016

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