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#OTalk 23rd July 2013 – Risk Enablement.

Risk Enablement in Practice – Follow Up 

Date:  23/07/2013   Host: @Helen_OTUK

Blog Post  –  Transcript –   Post Chat Summary

On the 30th April 2013, we had a chat about Working Creatively with Risk.

The pre-chat post can be found here: Working Creatively with Risk.

During the chat we shared resources, including guidelines and models.

The chat was very busy and and we did not get to explore experiences so we set 23rd July aside to explore experiences and share how we can enable risk within our work. The full transcript can be found here: Grabchat Working Creatively with Risk.

Here is a quick reminder as a way to trigger some thoughts for your sharing on Tuesday.

Some points to ponder as you draft a case study…

I feel this tweet aids in highlighting the need to be aware of what is driving your risk culture.

Are you risk managing or risk enabling?

A good question to consider

Also do we have a culture within a culture?

Please be mindful of confidentiality and we look forward to sharing some examples of how we should and can enable risk within our practice.


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