#otalk 25th June 2013 – New Year’s ResOTlutions Review and audit challenge

New Year’s ResOTlutions Review and audit challenge

Date:   25/06/2013  Host: @Helen_OTUK & @GillyGorry

Blog Post  –  Transcript  –  Post Chat Summary

This post is for the #otalk in two weeks time but I’m releasing it early to allow people (including me) to review what they said they’d do, and their progress.

At the beginning of the year we had a chat and set some CPD goals. If you are anything like me you probably need reminding what they were so check them out here.

So, on Tuesday 25th come one come all (doesn’t matter if you were there in January or not) and tell us all about the CPD that you’ve been doing this year.

For UK OTs 5% of us are due to have our CPDs audited by HCPC this summer so I am setting myself the personal challenge of completing the audit profile anyway, in preparation, and to review the last two years (and in solidarity with my students who have to do this yearly). If you’d like to join me announce your commitment in the OTalk. For OTs elsewhere you can still join us if you like. Here is a link to the HCPC guidance on preparing your profile.


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