25th October 2021 #OTalkTurnsTen – Help us Celebrate 

This October 25th 2021 #OTalkTurnsTen Can you believe it? We have a number of things lined up to celebrate, including a few surprises, and we require the OTalk community to help with three of them. 

  1. Share why you love #OTalk #OTalkTurnsTen
  2. Bake #OTalk a birthday cake and share it #OTalkDoesBakeOff 
  3. Apply to become a member of either the #OTalk team or the #OTalk Research team #BecomeAnOTalkTeamMember

Share the Love #OTalkTurnsTen

Can you tell us what you like about #OTalk and why you engage?   We would love the community to share this, in tweets, video clips, or even a blog post, feel free to share on any of our social media platforms, using the hashtag #OTalkTurnsTen from now until our Birthday on 25th October.  

So start thinking and start sharing your memories and thoughts,  here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • What do you love about #OTalk? 
  • How did you find out about #OTalk?
  • What is your most Memorable #OTalk chat?
  • What has #OTalk meant for your career?
  • Have you ever had a light bulb moment during #OTalk?
  • Have you ever hosted a chat? What was that experience like? 
  • Have you met any of the #OTalk team in person?  Share any pictures/videos.
  • Have you ever been put on the naughty step for forgetting to include the hashtag?
  • Did you come to one of our meetup events at a conference, what was it like?

Remember when sharing always include  #OTalkTurnsTen   By sharing you are giving @OTalk_ permission to use content*

Bake #OTalk a Birthday Cake #OTalkTurnsTen #OTalkDoesBakeOff

As the Great British Bake Off has returned, and has the cheek to air during our time slot, Tuesdays 8pm, we would love you to make @OTalk_ a birthday cake. We are looking forward to seeing how creative the OTalk community is at this meaningful occupation.  The #OTalk team will be sharing their efforts too, trust us there will be some funny ones.  

So get baking and don’t forget to share your images (no matter the outcome, it’s the processes that are important) on social media used the three hashtags #OTalkTurnsTen #GBBO #OTalkDoesBakeOff

By sharing you are giving @OTalk_ permission to use content*

Become an #OTalk or #OTalk Research Team member #OTalkTurnsTen #BecomeAnOTalkTeamMember

#OTalk is a free resource for the community and is run by volunteers.  #OTalk aims to remain a free resource, and anything that team members might get involved in that has a cost attached is self funded by that member.  It can be a demand on your free time, but it’s worth it, and it can be fun. Plus as a team we have always supported each other.  

The #OTalk research team currently has only two members who work solely on identifying hosts and curating 12 research chats a year on the 1st Tuesday of the month.    There is some admin involved including posting blog posts and communicating with hosts, plus supporting the monthly chat.  You will not be required to do every month as this will be shared with other research team members. You will be given some mentoring to start with. If you’re interested in research and have some basic knowledge of Twitter and other platforms this might be a perfect voluntary role for you.  It’s a great opportunity for you to develop your networks within the research community too.

The #OTalk team currently has 6 members,  this team might be a little more demanding on your time.  Jobs that the team shares include; . 

  • Maininting the blog/website
  • Managing the email account
  • Managing and liaising with those that offer to host
  • Posting blog posts 
  • Collecting data and transcripts of chats
  • Taking it in turns to support the weekly chats
  • Liaise with anyone contacting the team via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email
  • Promoting #OTalk at events e.g. manning a stall and/or running workshops or giving presentations about #OTalk and social media as a CPD and Therapeutic tool, when invited to do so at OT events across the UK. This is self funded. 
  • Working with stakeholders such as The RCOT and The OT show on projects.

So if you’re a fan of doing lots of work, just for the joy of it; think of yourself as an OTGeek; want to network more;  and develop your organisational, social media and tech skills then you might just be a good fit.  We will of course give guidance and support. 

Send us an expression of interest by email here. otalk.blog@gmail.com

Lastly we have a few other surprises in store; including a 10th Birthday Gift for you, but more about that later! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!!

*By sharing posts using any of these hashtags  #OTalkTurnsTen #GBBO #OTalkDoseBakeOff  You are consenting to the OTalk team using what you have shared, to promote our birthday.  We do not keep any personal information, but will search social media for your posts using the hashtags and share them across all of our platforms.