Leadership #OTalk with @ElaineAHPMH

#OTalk was held on the 28th May and we were excited to welcome @ElaineAHPMH as our guest host. Elaine wanted to reach out into our community, and think collectively about leadership and how social media might provide leadership opportunties for OTs. Elaine is delivering this years’ Casson Memorial Lecture on this topic, at the #COT13 Conference in Glasgow on 18th-20th June.

The Leadership #OTalk Chat

It was a fast and furious chat! It was wonderful to see so may ‘new faces’ as people bravely joined in the chat for the first time: each new member of our community was a great example of leadership in social media, as were all the people who were watching the chat but don’t yet feel able to join in. We’re looking forward to meeting you, when you’re ready!

Please see this link to the Symplur transcript.

The Highlights

There were many wise and wonderful contributions; funny, thoughtful, authoritative, cheeky: we felt every style of social media communication was expressed during the chat. It is very difficult to select individual highlights, and it is a very personal selection, but here are some of what ClaireOT thought were the ‘best bits’

Karen Middleton, CHPO wishes #OTalk good luck!

@KarenCHPO at #OTalk

Syplur #OTalk participants leadership

What is Leadership, and why is Leadership important?

@_beckyOT #OTalk leadership2@_beckyOT #OTalk leadership

 @AliciaRidout #OTalk leadership

@Dr_Derek_Jones #oTalk leadership

What is different about Management and Leadership?

@AlliSulliOTProf #OTalk leadership

@ShhBo #OTalk Leadership

@OTsinLondon #OTalk leadership

@HelenOT_UK #OTalk leadership

@easduncan #otalk leadership

What makes a good Leader?

@AlliSulliOTProf1 #OTalk leadership

@Dai2585 #OTalk Leadership

@easduncan 1#otalk leadership

@Maria_Markland #OTalk leadership

@lynneahp #otalk leadership

@OTwehnyTweets #OTalk leadership

What do OTs need to be effective Leaders?

@elaineAHPMH #OTalk leadership

@MariwardAHP #OTalk leadership

@claireOT2 #Otalk leadership

Social media and Leadership

@_beckyOT #OTalk leadership1

@HelenOT_UK1 #OTalk leadership

@claireOT #Otalk leadership@pocketot #otalk leadership

The Impact of our #OTalk Tweetchat

This chat may be the busiest chat we’ve had, with the most impact yet. We made over a million impressions, from just 73 active participants. We may estimate from that number of participants that a total audience of 400-800 OTs, AHPs and others were listening and participating in the chat, which is an incredible number and speaks volumes about the need for our community to have this space to think about leadership in social media, and other topics of interest.

Symplur #OTalk analytics leadership

Favourite resource of the chat

More Resources

Elaine Hunter’s Blog http://elaineahpmh.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/a-place-to-talk-leadership-otalk/

NHS Leadership Academy: http://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/

Our recommended background reading: http://otalkocchats.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/transformational-leadership-otalk-28513-background-and-reading/

Symplur #OTalk Tweetchat transcript 28th May: http://hashtags.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtag-transcript.php?hashtag=OTalk&fdate=05-28-2013&shour=4&smin=0&tdate=05-30-2013&thour=14&tmin=0&ssec=00&tsec=00&img=1

Symplur #OTalk Tweetchat analytics 28th May: http://www.symplur.com/analytics/2/?hashtag=OTalk&fdate=05-28-2013&shour=4&smin=0&tdate=05-30-2013&thour=14&tmin=0&ssec=00&tsec=00&img=1