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#OTalk 8th August – Media Club: Preparing to Age In Place: TEDxYouthAlamitosBay

This weeks #Otalk is on the topic of “Aging in place” and will be hosted by Bill Wong (@BillWongOT).

Here is what Bill had to say…

Normally for media club sessions, we typically review media content produced by other people. However, this time it will be one produced by me! I am fine with whatever comments you might have for me (positive or negative) on this presentation.

When I did my first TEDx Talk in early 2015, I viewed it as an early career highlight at the time. Although I became aware that there have been people on that stage multiple times, I truly never thought I would be the first person in the occupational therapy profession to achieve this feat because I knew there would be many deserving occupational therapy students and practitioners who wish to go on there even once during their careers. After all, I humbly admit that I am neither the most accomplished nor the most competent occupational therapist out there.

My Ted Talk is on Aging in Place. When I was practicing this presentation initially, I realized I had not as much passion as my past autism presentations because I lacked self efficacy during my practices. I had to ask Mandy Chamberlin (@SeniorsFlourish) for fact checks before I submitted my draft reviews. Then, I told myself, “In order to make a great speech, I must own the presentation. The stories I have are great stories. But they won’t come alive if I don’t have the confidence to share”.

Fortunately, I was able to remember the process of making a TEDx speech from my first time. So, I was able to come up with 6 to 8 patient stories depending on the tone that the curator wanted me to portray about the nursing home environment. Initially, I went with a somber tone because I wanted the audience to understand the reality of what I am working with. However, when the curator wanted me to bring some positive spins to the reality, I was ready to accommodate what she wanted. Because of that, I only went through 2 minor revisions instead of 5 major ones from my first time.

To tell the truth, working in the nursing home setting in the US has taught me many life lessons. It also made me realize how great a forward thinker my late grandpa was when he chose the place my family and I now live in Los Angeles. After all, although my dad has developed some mobility issues since then, he still was able to participate in community occupations because of how close certain types of places in the community are (a mile or less away) relative to our home. Moreover, my parents have the flexibility to live downstairs if needed. To this day, I still don’t consider geriatrics and physical disabilities as my specialties in OT. However, I hope as you watch this presentation that we have to go beyond our comfort zones at times when we advocate for OT.

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