Occhat, OTalk

#OTalk/#occhat Tues 27th Aug 2013 – What is Evidence? (Transcript)

Thanks for a great chat everyone, good to see a range of evidence being considered as useful to support our practice.

There seemed to be a drive to share our practice so that other people can review that evidence to inform their work (just a little hint that OTalk provides a good platform for this!)

Here’s the link to the transcript from Tuesday’s talk.


Announcement: #OTalk / #occhat Hashtag Merge

After much discussion, and considering the introduction of the monthly journal club and our ability to remain responsive to the topics of interest to our community, we’ve decided to merge #OTalk and #occhat. As a result we will be using the #OTalk hashtag every week (instead of fortnightly). We will continue to discuss Occupational Science topics, and on those weeks we will use the occhat category on the blog to file these transcripts. As ever we welcome anyone to attend any topic they feel interested in.