Create your own chat transcript

The OTalk team creates their transcripts using the archive at Healthcare Hashtags.

Should you wish to create your own for a different time period please use the links below, select the dates and times you want and create either a transcript or view the analytics (e.g. no of tweets, no of tweeters). You can then save and edit this as you wish to demonstrate your engagement in the chats).

Here’s the #OTalk link

Here’s the older #Occhat link

Here’s #MDTchat (we use this for cross profession chats)

If you are hosting an event, e.g. a conference or planning to run a chat or use a hashtag on a regular basis do consider using this service which is aiming to archive healthcare conversations on Twitter. You can review conference tweets from COT, WFOT and many more this way, catch up on the latest tweets about a particular condition or follow some of our fellow health and care professionals such as physiotalk and WeNurses.


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