Former #OTalk Team Members

The OTalk team has evolved over the years and have benefited from a number of great Occupational Therapy minds to support the development and running of the weekly OTalk chats whilst supporting the growth of the wider OTalk community.

The Founding #OTalk Team

Shaan Ellor (@ShaanOT)

Shaan helped the team in the vision and initial stages of forming #OTalk/#Occhat in 2011.

Kirsty Stanley (@kirstyes)

Kirsty was part of the founding team back 2011 and an integral part of the team until her departure in 2017. Kirsty continues to contribute to the OTalk community by her sponsorship of the OTalk blog.

Gillian Gorry (@GillyGorry)

Gill was one of the founding members of the OTalk team in 2011 and was a valued member of the team until her departure at the start of 2021.

Chris Genter

Chris supported the team in the initial stages of developing the concept of #OTalk/#Occhat.

Claire (@claireOT)

Claire was part of the founding team back in 2011, she helped develop the concept and supported chats in the early days. She also contributed to the first #OTalkonTour with the team.

Clarissa Sorlie   (@GeekyOT )

Clarissa joined the founding team as a student back in 2011 and has contributed to both the weekly chats, and behind the scenes before deciding to leave the team in 2021 after 10 years of support.

Former #OTalk Research Team

In 2016 The #OTalk Research focussed chats launched, the first Tuesday of the month continues to be an #OTalk Research focussed chat. The sub team has developed since then and has benefited from the input of some research passionate individuals:

Emma Hooper (@hooper_ek)

Emma joined the OTalk research team in 2016 and contributed to the running and support of the monthly OTalk research chats, both behind the scenes and by supporting the hosts of the monthly chat.

Lynne Goodacre   (@LynneGoodacre )

Lynne was one of the founding members of the OTalk research team when It was formed in 2016. she was integral to its set up and drive to create a dedicated space within the monthly OTalk calendar for Occupational Therapy researchers and clinicians to discuss research topics related to the field.