#OTalk and #OTWeek

OTalk OTWeek2017

To celebrate #OTWeek here in the UK the #OTalk Team have decided we would share some of our occupations that we love to do with you all. They will be released throughout the week on our YouTube playlist here: #OTalk on YouTube


Making Your Own Wellbeing #OTalk 28th February 2017

This Tuesdays #OTalk will focus on how making something can have a positive impact on your wellbeing and that of your service users. I was recently doing some coaching with a friend and this process encouraged me to stop putting it off, stop finding reasons not to do it and find more life balance and resume crafting with a view to improving my own wellbeing. I have started #ThisMonthsMake with the view to making one thing each month and if you would like to join please do.

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