#OTalk 28th June 2016 Live from #COT2016 – Making the Connection.



Making the Connection.

This weeks chat will be hosted live from the College of Occupational Therapist annual conference in Harrogate. The chat will follow on from the Social Media Networking Event, which the #OTalk Team are supporting. So if you want to come along and support the event, meet with your fellow tweeters then please pop along. For those stopping on for the chat we have arranged some nibbles to see us through the chat. Got to have snacks for #OTalk!

We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to explore how the use of social media (twitter & #OTalk) is utilised by the community with a focus on ‘connections’. For all those not at conference, sorry we won’t see you at the networking event, but we can certainly tweet you there and the #OTalk will be the usual format just some of us will be together in Harrogate.

Some pre chat questions to get you thinking….

  • What do you use social media for?
  • What is important to you when making decisions about which platforms you use?
  • How do you connect social media to your CPD activities offline?
  • How do you connect your online learning and offline communities, colleagues, teams, employers etc?
  • What connections have you made online that impacted on your offline activities?
  • What collaborations are you involved with that have benefited, yourself, clients, services etc?
  • What are your top tips for ‘Making the Connection’.

We hope to see lots of you at conference, but we also look forward to chatting with everyone not at conference as usual. If you are online between 18.40-19.25, do drop us a tweet with #OTalkonTour so we can share with our great community whilst we F2F network.

Also we have an exciting development for #OTalk which we will share with everyone during #OTalk 20:00-21:00 as usual.  

Those of the #OTalk Team attending conference @Helen_OTUK, @OT_rach, @OTontheTracks and our shiny new student digital leader @KLO2_KAY will be sporting these great little bags (thanks to @OT_rach for organising them) so you should be able to spot us.


@kirstyes and @GillyGorry will be tweeting in with us, unfortunately @GeekyOT has other plans for the Tuesday evening, but will be joining us at conference Wednesday and Thursday so look out for her too!

Any thoughts, questions or general chatter give us a tweet!

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Tweets from #OTalkonTour at #COT2016. <<<click link

Post Chat updates from the #OTalk chat.

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Online Transcript from Healthcare Hashtags. 

PDF of Transcript: #OTalk 28 June 2016


#OTalk 7 June 2016 – How to make the most out of your attendance at the 40th College of Occupational Therapists (COT) Annual Conference

How to make the most out of your attendance at the

40th College of Occupational Therapists (COT) Annual Conference

Harrogate 28 – 30 June


Whether you are attending conference for the first time or have been before this #Otalk may be for you. I am @SLawsonOT; the first COT conference I attended was in Manchester in 2007, I was a student in my second year of the part time course at Glyndwr University who was lucky enough to win a free student ticket. An occupational therapist who is my friend and mentor suggested I should attend if I had the chance as it was on our doorstep and it was something I should do at least once in my OT career…


Here I am 9 years later about to attend for the eighth time, I have attended both as a delegate in my role as a community occupational therapist with the local authority and as a presenter as part of the @TRAMmCPD team, this year @HearleD and I have poster P137 ‘Are you and your team really engaging in CPD’ (you can read our abstract in COT Conference Book of Abstracts 2016 p135).


Conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn, reinvigorate your passion for occupational therapy, network, meet members of COT and the ‘movers and shakers’ of the occupational therapy world. There will also be lots of opportunities to meet in person the people you know on Twitter and from #Otalk.


I believe that this year there are more delegates (1100+) attending than ever before and I have been asked by several people for hints and tips. I think #otalk is an ideal forum for everyone, for first timers to share their concerns and ask questions and for those more experienced to offer some hints and tips.


You are more than welcome to join the chat or lurk…


Are you attending #COT2016 for the first time?

  1. What questions would you like to ask those who have been before?
  2. What are your concerns?
  3. What are you most looking forward to?
  4. Do you know that there are sessions that are specifically aimed at those attending for the first time?


Have you attended annual conference before?

  1. Have got useful hints and tips for others?


For everyone:

  1. Why are you attending this year?
  2. How will you ensure you make the most from this CPD opportunity


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Online Transcript from Healthcare Hashtags.

PDF of Transcript. #OTalk 7 June 2016

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#OTalkonTour – 28th June 2016 @ #COT2016


#OTalk will be on tour at #COT2016.

At this years College of Occupational Therapist annual conference #OTalk will be #OTalkonTour.

Connecting online is great, but we also love to take the opportunity to get together when we can, therefore we have arranged to have a networking session at this years conference in Harrogate. We can all get together F2F! Yay.

However, we are aware not all of our wonderful #OTalk community will physically be in Harrogate so we have also arranged for the venue to let us have space (and WiFi)  to host #OTalk on the 28th June 2016 at 8pm from conference. So usual chat time, live from conference.

We would like to use the networking time to not only get together for a face to face chat, but also to offer a social media surgery style event for anyone who would like some support to develop their social media skills, or just to ask questions.

What we are asking you…

1. Are you attending #COT2016?

2. Will you be attending our networking session?

3. Would you be willing to help others, answer questions, sign up for accounts etc?

4. Suggestions for the #OTalkonTour topic for the chat at 8pm on the 28th June 2016?

We will update the this post as suggestions etc come in and then do a poll of all the suggestions so now it is over to you….



#OTalk Journal (Media) Club – 1st July 2014

Last week, OTalk went On Tour to the College of Occupational Therapists conference in Brighton (#COT2014). One of our presentations was about this journal club. We were keen to have an experiential component, but realised that, with only 18 minutes to play with, we didn’t have enough time for newcomers to sign up to twitter and engage in a tweetchat.  So we put our problem solving hats on, and decided to go back to basics: pen and paper.

We chose an article that people may have read recently (due to the time constraints of the slot, we knew that people wouldn’t have time to read the article prior to ‘OTalking’) and displayed the abstract on the screen. We had seven questions floating around the room on sheets of paper, and one rule: no ‘out loud’ talking!

We thought it might be interesting to repeat this simulated #OTalk journal club during our July journal club slot. So, we will be discussing:

Upton, D., Stephens, D., Williams, B. and Scurlock-Evans, L. (2014) ‘Occupational Therapists’ Attitudes, Knowledge and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice: a Systematic Review of Published Research’, British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 77(1), pp. 24-38

You might be interested in seeing what some of the paper-discussions looked like. Hopefully, it might spark some questions or comments from you, and we can develop the discussion further in July.

Question 1: Findings: OTs less likely than other disciplines to report changes to practice from research evidence. Why might this be?

Question 2: In several studies, OTs raised concerns re relevance/applicability of research. What might influence this research-practice gap?Page 2

Question 3: Consistent finding: OTs reporting low EBP knowledge/skills/confidence. How can you develop yours?

Question 4: Salls &al (2009) 12% of OTs reported frequent utilisation of EBP. Are you surprised? Why might number be so low?

Question 5: Barriers: workload/time/resource pressures, lack of training/skills/support, quality of research, motivation. What do you think?

Question 6: Implications: identify ways of making EBP personally relevant to practitioners. Ideas of how to do this?

Additional discussion

As usual, the journal club will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 8pm (BST).

Please note that the article chosen is not open source. Please be aware of copyright law.

Details and download of the Reading Record can be found on the Journal (Media) Club Resources page.

Post Chat Updates:


Healthcare Hashtags Transcript.

PDF of Transcript. #OTalk – 1st July 2014

#OTalk Participants

Additional resources from Clare Taylor (@ClareTaylorBU), Clare has kindly sent us her poster from COT2014 conference to add to the resources from this chat.

CT Poster

PDF of Clare’s Poster. COT poster – 2014 – EB or EI

#OTalkOnTour: OT Curry Night at #COT2014, Brighton

Thank you to Karen Ivey (@KarenIvey) for writing her account of our OT Curry Night in Brighton.


#OTalk #OTCurryNightBrighton #COT2014

Could we identify the fellow #OTalk tweeters as we hung around outside the Chilli Pickle in Brighton? Luckily OTs seem to have that innate sense of spotting an OT so we gradually gathered until the #OTalk crew arrived, led us inside and sorted out where everyone was sitting, we had so many extra people we had to have another table! Unusual and delicious food arrived at the table, personally delivered according to your menu choice! So much chat was going on, the wine and beer was flowing but definitely no tweeting. It was very interesting to meet people you had only chatted to before on Twitter. There were young and old, men and women, students, academics and even a Fellow! The OTs were from Mental Health, Social Care, Independent Practice, Education, Health, Forensic and Charitable Organisations – wow – could we be more diverse? I had a lovely time talking to my neighbour about our families 🙂 We also had some Lurkers and some Skeptics amongst us who will now perhaps be converted to join in a future #OTalk. Great evening! Thanks for organising Kirsty.

#OTalkOnTour – #COT2014 (3rd-5th June 2014)



The #OTalk team are on tour again! Kirsty, Helen and Clarissa will be at the College of Occupational Therapists annual conference in Brighton (3rd-5th June). Unfortunately, Gillian isn’t able to make it this year, but her posters (P141 ‘Underpinning reablement assessment with occupational therapy theory and philosophy‘ and P150 ‘The added value of occupational therapy – Reablement Pilot Evaluation‘) will be on display.


We will be presenting two sessions about #OTalk:

And will be at the following social events:

You can also see Kirsty’s poster (P37 ‘Fandoms – they’re real for us‘) in the ROMPA Poster Viewing area.


Grab us if you’ve got any questions/ideas/comments about #OTalk or would just like to put faces to names. We hope to see you there!

– Clarissa (@geekyOT), Helen (@helen_otuk) and Kirsty (@kirstyes)

#OTalk is On Tour Again: Devon (8th October 2013)



We here at #OTalk are pleased to announce that we will be presenting at theSouth West Regional British Association of Occupational Therapy (BAOT) Lifelong Learning Event (try saying that three times fast!) on Tuesday 8th October 2013 at Buckfast Abbey, Devon.

Are you attending the event? We encourage you to tweet using the #OTalkOnTour hashtag. If you don’t know how to use Twitter yet, you can get help on the day.

Keep an eye out for Helen and Kirsty, who are representing the team, and say hi if you see them! (I wonder if they will be sporting their #OTalkOnTour sashes…?)