#OTalk OTea Party Time! 28th March 2017

This week we thought it was time we had a bit of a party….

OTea Party

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#OTalk Extra Special Volunteer Crew and a look forward to 2016

Did you know that #OTalk is heading towards its 4th birthday?

Yes, you heard right, on the 25th October we will be 4. We’ve made it through the sleepless nights and the terrible twos and threes (not that anything about this fab community is terrible really – it’s just a metaphor that #OTalk is our little baby).

The original #OTalk crew is unsurprisingly a bit frazzled so, we have called in some favours from our wonderful community and have a few extra special volunteers who have agreed to do some chat hosting for the rest of the year.

What this means for the community is that the weekly chats will continue as scheduled (there will be no chats on 22nd or 29th December for our annual Christmas break).

Most of them though will be hosted or supported by one of these four lovely people who are all experienced chatters and hosts.

Rachel Booth @OT_rach
David Davies @Dai2584
Nichola Duffy @Nnikki_Duffy
Deborah Harrison @DebbiiHarrison

The team may pop into the chats but we also might not. If we do, we’ll be there to take part – we might even lurk.

Instead we will be using the time to finish writing up our research article and other publications, do some behind the scenes scheming about the future running of the chats (and finally get the website pages up together) and just have a few weeks off too for some rest and relaxation.

We are all hoping to join in with the Welcome to OT chat on 20th October and we would love for as many of our community to be there to welcome new OTs to the profession. Do spread the word, especially to universities.

The 2016 chats will kick off on 5th January 2016 with us sharing our hopes and aspirations for the year. Keep an eye out on the blog for details of how you can get involved in hosting chats in 2016.

Kirsty, Gillian, Helen and Clarissa and of course Kelly would like to extend a huge thanks to our new crew members for their support and to the community who we know will keep up the good chatting.

The Occupation Debate – Means vs Ends? or is Occupation Focused, Based and Centered practice enough to claim we are providing true occupational therapy?.

The Occupation Debate – Means vs Ends? or is Occupation Focused, Based and Centered practice enough to claim we are providing true occupational therapy?

Date: 23/06/2015  Host: @GillyGorry

Blog Post  –  Transcript

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Position Open – #OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern

#OTalk Student Digital Leader Intern (17/18) Position Open


#OTalk is a community that welcomes students alongside practitioners and academics, recognising the vital role students can play in bringing fresh knowledge, innovation and enthusiasm to the community.  

To foster this collaboration, in 2015 #OTalk introduced the position of Student Digital Leader.  This Intern role offers a student the opportunity to become involved in the running of #OTalk for 6-12 months whilst receiving mentoring in digital leadership from the team.

Being part of the #OTalk team allows you to be creative, innovate and work as part of team. As a Student Digital Leader Intern these are some of the activities you could be involved in and be responsible for during your internship:

OTalk Project.

As part of your internship we hope you would be able to contribute in an innovative way to the #OTalk community by undertaking some form of project. This will be agreed between yourself and the rest of the OTalk team after you join the team.

OTalk Blog – Transcript posting.

To support the team in posting blog transcripts on the blog posts within 48 hours of a chat and sharing this with the #OTalk community on the social media platforms.

OTalk Facebook.

To monitor the facebook page, replying to comments and ensuring blogs have been shared within other relevant pages and groups (e.g. 4OT groups and Student Occupational Therapy groups/pages)

OTalk Twitter – Promoting.

To regularly tweet from OTalk and personal accounts to promote the chats and other related activities.

OTalk Twitter – Follows.

To review follows on the OTalk Twitter account, block spam accounts and to follow back/create lists for the OTalk account.

OTalk Twitter – Hosting.

To host a minimum of one chat during the internship and to support an additional two chats with guest hosts (Training will be provided – more can be hosted as desired).

Promoting OTalk.

To take and create opportunities to promote #OTalk and the benefits of professional social media use within university populations and regional/geographical networks.

OTalk Experience Summary.

Along with the OTalk crew,  write up an account of the experience of interning for publication.  This can be done in a range of ways and we are open to finding new and creative ways to share this experience Our first intern Kelly did this by displaying a poster at #COT2016 and our second Kirstie wrote a piece with Kelly for OTNews.

OTalk Development.

Engagement in online team meetings to review chat effectiveness, suggest future development and feedback on the relevance of OTalk for students.

Interns ideally need to be:

  • Excellent communicators
  • Familiar with the use of twitter
  • Familiar with the use of gmail, google calendars and google drive
  • Familiar with the use of skype
  • Familiar with wordpress blog editing dashboard
  • Able to create PDFs of transcripts and certificates
  • Available on Tuesday nights between 8pm – 9pm at least once a month
  • Available for 30 minutes on Thursday or Fridays to post chat transcript
  • Able to access the Internet and have a laptop/smartphone that will enable blog editing and twitter/Facebook access.
  • Passionate about the occupational therapy profession
  • Promoters of the positive application of social networking for professional development
  • Responsible and professional in their use of social media (social media accounts of applicants will be reviewed as part of the application process)
  • Engaging with CPD on a regular basis

Training to use the relevant software will be provided so please still apply if you meet most of the outline above.

If you are interested in this position please send the following information to otalk.occhat@gmail.com:

  • A personal statement of no more than 500 words demonstrating your suitability for the internship.
  • A Biography of between 100-200 words (that includes your name and university, and a link to your LinkedIn profile) [Write this as if you are introducing yourself to the OTalk Community on the blog].
  • Your skype username.
  • The name and e-mail of a referee who can be contacted if you are invited to interview.

Please direct any queries to the our email or DM us on Twitter at @OTalk_

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 28th November at 23:59.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a skype interview in December and will be in post by January 2018.