#COT2017 Participation in advanced age: enacting values, an adaptive process Poster P81

2017-06-21 (3)

Poster P81: Participation in advanced age: enacting values, an adaptive process
Sugarhood P: London South Bank University

References: Sugarhood, P., Eakin, P., Summerfield-Mann, L. (2016).
Participation in advanced older age: enacting values, an
adaptive process. Ageing and Society, Jun 20. doi: 10.1017/

Contact Email Address: p.sugarhood@lsbu.ac.uk

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#COT2017 Creating community connections: using photography, green spaces and a hot cup of tea to improve volition and bridge the gap between the low-secure unit and the community. Poster 56

2017-06-21 (1)

Reference: De Las Heras. CG. Geist R, Kielhofner, G, and Li, Y. 2003. The Volitional Questionnaire. Version 4. University of Illinois at Chicago: Chicago, IL.

Contact Email Address: rachael.coates2@nhs.net

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#COT2017 Session 12 Facilitated Posters

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#OTalk 23rd May 2017 Occupational Therapy role in supporting people with managing eating activities. 

This week Nat Jones @natlouj will be hosting the chat.

My research is focused on the experience of stroke survivors with managing eating difficulties (Jones 2016) however more broadly I am passionate about how Occupational Therapists can support children and adults to manage eating activities. I am interested in your views on the role of Occupational Therapy is in this area, what strategies are successful and which assistive devices help?

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#OTalk 16th May 2017 – Occupational therapy and the general election 2017

This week’s chat will be hosted by Samantha Tavender @samOTantha

Politics impacts the present and the future of occupational therapy.  Weather we like it or not, politics effects most aspects of our daily lives.  It most certainly will have an impact on the occupational therapy profession.

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#OTalk OTea Party Time! 28th March 2017

This week we thought it was time we had a bit of a party….

OTea Party

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