About the Team

The #OTalk Team

Helen Rushton (@Helen_OTUK) is director of Helen OTUK Occupational Therapy & Professional Development. She enjoys chatting about all aspects of occupational therapy and the use of social media for professional development. She is also an animal lover and #OTGeek

Gillian Gorry (@GillyGorry) is a specialist neuro occupational therapist currently working as a case manager for individuals with acquired brain and spinal injuries.  Her special interests include comics and art for creative reflection and therapeutic intervention, the use of social media to develop online peer support networks, communities of practice and the development leadership skills for CPD.

Clarissa Sorlie   (@GeekyOT ) is an occupational therapist currently working in forensic mental health. She has also worked in eating disorders and acute mental health, and she documented her journey from student to clinician on her blog . Clarissa’s interests include the dark side of occupation and occupational case formulation, but her OTgeekiness knows no bounds.

Rachel Booth (@OT_rach) Graduated from Teeside University in 2005 and is currently working as a lead occupational therapist working in secure services for a large mental health NHS trust in the north-east of England.  Rachel’s special interests include, intersexual feminism, creativity therapeutic intervention’s,  21st centuries occupations, psychiatric intensive care units (PICU’s), the impact of a woman’s menstrual cycle, functioning and the lived experience of occupational therapists with disabilities.

Kelly Murray  (@OTontheTracks) is an occupational therapist who graduated with a MSc in Occupational Therapy from the University of Cumbria in 2016. Kelly’s professional interests include social media use as a platform for continuing professional development as well as within student development and learning. She also has a keen interest in the role of occupational therapy in integration and inclusion of marginalised and transitioning communities.

Kirstie Hughes (@Kirstie_OT)  is an occupational therapist working in diverse practice specialising in the role of OT within the assistance dog sector.  Kirstie’s professional interests include animals within and for therapy as well as the professional use of social media and technology for CPD.  Outside of practice Kirstie can often be found surrounded by animals, eating or building Lego and catching Pokemon.

Carolina Cordero (@colourful_OT Graduated  with a MSc from the University of Limerick in 2019. She now works in forensic mental health.   Caroline is excited about about every area of OT practice but has a particular interest in paediatrics, having worked with children for several years. Carolina is also very interested in intellectual/developmental disability and mental health, and is passionate about promoting self-advocacy and the importance of listening to people with lived experience. In her free time her occupations include crochet, cooking and reading, especially non-fiction.

The #OTalk Research Team (launched in 2016)

Lynne Goodacre (@LynneGoodacre) is an occupational therapist working within independent practice having previously worked in the NHS, voluntary sector and academia. She has also chaired the RCOT Research and Development Board and BJOT Editorial board and been a member of Council. Lynne’s PhD, and subsequent research focused on the management of rheumatic conditions and she is passionate about supporting research capability within the profession.

Emma Hooper (@hooper_ek ) works in Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and is currently involved in research delivery within a national dementia randomized controlled trial. Emma is also co-chair of our Trust’s AHP Research Interest Group.  She is passionate about bridging the gap between research practice and clinical practice by fostering a culture of research engagement within clinical services.

Jenny Preston ( @preston_jenny ) is a Consultant Occupational Therapist, a role that allows her to combine clinical practice with research. Jennys research interests focus predominantly on long term neurological conditions, she has published papers in relation to multiple sclerosis and has recently published her first book. Jenny is also the AHP R&D lead within her organization and chair the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section Neurological Practice having previously been a member of RCOT Research and Development Board.

Nikki Daniels (@NikkiDanielsOT ) is the programme lead for the MSc in Advanced OT at the University of Derby, over the past 11 years she has supported a number of students with their academic research and development of evidence based practice skills.  Prior to working at the university she was a full time research therapist for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency which ignited her enthusiasm for research.  She is very passionate about research utilisation and evidence based practice which inspired the topic of her PhD which she begins as a full time student in October 2016.



OTalk team post chats - #exhausted

OTalk team post chats – #exhausted



The Founding Team

With thanks to Claire Jones, Chris Genter and Shaan Ellor. Also Kirsty Stanley who continues to sponsor this blog.


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