About #OTalk

#OTalk is a weekly Twitter chat, designed to enable discussion about occupational therapy and the broader academic discipline of occupational science.

The first #OTalk happened on the 25th October 2011 (the week of World OT Day 2011), and it continues to run each Tuesday between 8-9pm UK time.  In 2013, we also introduced Journal (Media) Club, to allow a space to review and discuss academic journals and other media within the community.  The #OTalk team has continued to develop over time with the role of Student Digital Leader Intern added in 2015.

The current OTalk team are: Helen (@Helen_OTUK), Clarissa (@geekyOT), Gillian (@GillyGorry), Kelly (@OTontheTracks), Rachel (@OT_Rach) Kirstie (@Kirstie_OT) and our student digital intern Carolina (@Colourful_OT)

In October 2016, we launched OTalk Research.  The first OTalk of every month aims to focus on a research theme to support the promotion, use and conduct of research in the day to day practice of OTs. A small sub-group of the OTalk team was formed to lead the OTalk Research slots comprising of: Lynne (@lynnegoodacre), Emma (@hooper_ek), Jenny  (@preston_jenny) and Nikki  (@NikkiDanielsOT).

The weekly #OTalk chats are suggested and facilitated by guest hosts and supported by the OTalk team. Any member of the community can suggest a topic and volunteer to host a chat, this can be done by submitting an idea through our “Host an #OTalk – Apply here” form on the website.

Although informal, Twitter chats provide excellent continuing professional development opportunities, bringing people together who have diverse perspectives and experiences, without requiring you to travel or pay expensive course fees. Everyone is welcome to participate.  We continue embrace opportunities to collaborate with other professional groups on Twitter to host #MDTChats, and are excited about the opportunities these partnerships bring.

The topics are broad-ranging, and are generated by the community. Examples of previous discussions have included:

  • the ‘dark side of occupation’,
  • Professional Identify in Occupational Therapy,
  • Transformational Leadership,
  • What is research?
  • Transitioning from Student to Clinician
  • What does it mean to engage with OT research in practice?

A full list of past chats can be found in the past chats section of the blog.

If you have any questions or want to get involved feel free to contact any of the #OTalk team. You can find us on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.




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