Welcome to OTalk.co.uk #OTalk

Hi #OTalkers

We’ve finally gone and done it – yes we have purchased a custom URL and from now on the blog will point to http://www.otalk.co.uk. The old site is still up at the moment but we will be hiding it shortly so please do share this update with your friends and colleagues so they don’t think we’ve disappeared completely.

Don’t forget to update all of your links and bookmarks and because we have had a little behind the scenes move too you will have to resubscribe to e-mail updates (scroll down and you’ll find this option on the left hand side).

You’ll see we’ve gone with a new design and tidied up the page links – everything is still there though.

Bear with us if there are a few glitches with links over the next couple of weeks and we still have a few pages that we still need to get up-together.

What’s new:

In the left hand column below the page links is a widget that shows you the detail of the next four chats – where known. If you see one of these is empty please don’t hesitate to volunteer to host a topic. You can contact us using our contact form here.

The OTalk Team have a new Team picture or two drawn by the exceptionally talented Gillian – check them out here.

On the resources page we’ve added some guidance on how to create your own tweetchat transcript. I for one know I’m a little slow to produce these sometimes and sometimes you might want to select a slightly different time period, or have the option to edit the transcript to show just your tweets or only the conversations in which you were directly involved. Use this alongside the CPD template Clarissa posted to be ready for your next HCPC audit. A couple of our resource pages are still under construction so do check back in a couple of weeks.

There are also pages for the Journal (Media) Club and one on other OTalk Team Activity – these are still under construction so check back soon.

We’re hoping this change will encourage a few more of you to come and engage with us here on the blog too – we’d love it if you could return to topics to post any useful links found after the chats, link to your blog posts inspired by the chat or the topic or simply to come and tell us if something you discovered at a chat has influenced your practice in any way. Why not start us off by commenting on this post telling us what you think about the revamp.

Happy #OTuesday

Kirsty, Gillian, Clarissa and Helen

Welcome to our new Intern Ruth #OTalk

Hi there, I’m Ruth and I’m thrilled to be the new intern for #OTalk.  I work part time for the University of Derby teaching on their Occupational Therapy programmes.   Prior to this role I worked for 19 years in the NHS in mental health care across in-patient, day hospital and community settings, including a period of 13 years within an Early Intervention in Psychosis team.
I am enthusiastic and passionate about many aspects of occupational therapy but have particular interests in mental health, psychosis, homelessness, occupational therapy education, practice education/ placements and emerging roles for occupational therapy.   When I am not working I volunteer at my local foodbank most weeks, and at a temporary homeless night shelter over the winter months.  I am a keen lover of the value of occupations and try to find time each week to do some of my favourite occupations such as nature walks, running, baking or crochet.
As I have witnessed for myself the valued role of #OTalk discussions in sharing learning and promoting the role and value of occupational therapy I am really excited to be joining the team to further develop my digital skills, to contribute to the maintenance and growth of #OTalk for the future and to have a new expanded network of lovely OT’s to connect with.