#OTalk – 19th April 2022 – Psychological care after stroke (also relevant to other neuro conditions).

This #OTalk is being hosted by Louise Clark (@louiseclark15), Consultant Occupational Therapist- Stroke rehab. Assoc. Director SSNAP, RCOT stroke forum & intercollegiate stroke working party member.

Psychologists are an essential part of the MDT across the stroke pathway, however the recent SSNAP post acute organisational audit shows significant workforce challenges in inpatient and community services with very few services meeting the minimum recommended staffing levels for psychologists.

The stepped care model recommends an MDT approach to delivering psychological care after stroke, with Occupational Therapists well placed to be involved in assessment and delivering interventions for cognition and mood, for those at level one and two of the stepped care model.

This OTalk explores the challenges and opportunities for joint working between psychology and occupational therapy to optimise psychological care after stroke, exploring boundaries and understanding of each other’s roles and training.  Come and join us to continue the discussion started at the recent UK stroke forum, with members of the RCOT stroke forum and the British Psychological Society.

The following questions will be explored;

1. What are the challenges in delivering comprehensive psychological care after stroke?
2. What are our similarities and differences between the professions when thinking about mood and cognition? (practice, training, approach)
3. How should we work together from assessment to intervention to make the best of resources and skills to deliver what the patient needs?
4. If you could do one thing in your workplace to improve working between OT and Psychology, what would it be?

Post Chat

Host:  Louise Clark (@louiseclark15)

Support on OTalk Account: Sam Pywell (@smileyfacehalo

Evidence your CPD. If you joined in this chat you can download the below transcript as evidence for your CPD, but remember the HCPC are interested in what you have learnt.  So why not complete one of our reflection logs to evidence your learning?

HCPC Standards for CPD.

  • Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their CPD activities.
  • Demonstrate that their CPD activities are a mixture of learning activities relevant to current or future practice.
  • Seek to ensure that their CPD has contributed to the quality of their practice and service delivery.
  • Seek to ensure that their CPD benefits the service user.
  • Upon request, present a written profile (which must be their own work and supported by evidence) explaining how they have met the Standards for CPD.

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