The door is open, are you going to walk through it?

#OTalk has given me countless opportunities over my 6 years with the Team. Opportunities to develop my professional identity & to learn from creative & innovative practitioners. I’ve been challenged to examine my values & assumptions & I’ve supported others to do the same.  I have grown as an Occupational Therapist & so has my view of our profession & what we can achieve together.  I have facilitated discussions with leaders, encouraged students to value their contributions & supported clinicians to share their knowledge & skills.

Through this journey I have met many incredible people & consider myself extremely lucky to count some of them as friends & mentors. The #OTalk Team & our community have supported me through times of doubt, helped me to turn some crazy ideas into a reality, pushed me to do more & have always been there with a perfectly timed kind or wise word. The community has also turned a blind eye as I ran through corridoors in search of computer techs, gate crashed more than one RCOT party & hid under conference tables eating cookies. I cannot thank you all enough for that.

Despite all these wonderful experiences there is a saying that has been hauting me of late. “You can do anything but not everything”. With that in mind it is time for me to step back, reflect & plan ahead. While my time with the #OTalk Team has come to an end, yours could just be beginning. 

As #OTalkTurnsTen, the Team are seeking new members to join the Crew, people to bring a fresh energy, new ideas & different perspectives. If you think that person is you, great & if you don’t, then you’re wrong. Get in touch, have a discussion, I promise you won’t regret it.

I will forever be your weird Twitter friend, on hand for a chat, a sarcastic comment and/or a nerdy gif.

K, @Kirstie_OT

1 thought on “The door is open, are you going to walk through it?”

  1. If I were younger that could me, I love your amazing creativity and can do thinking but reality is.. It’s my time for playing the Irish whistle and swimming in the sea whenever I can.. 🤔… all the best in finding


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