#OTalk 11th January 2022 – “New Year, New OT!

The first weeks of January are traditionally a time for turning over a new leaf, ditching bad habits and setting ambitious goals for the coming year. As occupational therapists we are all very aware of the value of goal-setting and reflection, and the New Year presents a unique opportunity for us to pause and consider our hopes and expectations for 2022.

Join #OTalk for one of our first chats of the year (hosted by team member Carolina @colourful_ot), and tell us about your own OT New Year’s Resolutions – whether that’s a commitment to learning something new, changing your practice for the better, or improving your occupational balance!

Questions for tonight’s chat:

Q1. Do you have any professional resolutions for this year? Is there anything you’re hoping to achieve or want to start doing differently?

Q2. Outside of work, have you set yourself any occupation-related resolutions? For example, taking up a new hobby?

Q3. What resources do you think will support you in sticking to your resolutions?

Q4. If you could set a 2022 New Year’s Resolution for the whole OT community – something we should all be aiming for – what would it be?”

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