#OTalk – 13th July 2021 – #RCOT2021 Reflections

This #OTalk will discuss and reflect on the recent #RCOT2021 conference and will be hosted by @Kirstie_OT.

#RCOT2021has recently taken place over 30 June & 1st July. RCOT’s 44th annual conference, the first held virtually on an online platform, was attended by over 1500 people from across the UK and internationally, with representatives from some other countries OT professional bodies and from WFOT (@thewfot). The conference had 4 themes, chosen by members –

Equality, diversity and inclusion.

The impact of occupational therapy.

New ways of working.

Rehabilitation and recovery.

There were 80 abstracts/sessions and posters, 18 topic specific chat rooms, 10 RCOT insight sessions, 8 round table networking sessions, and seven keynote plenary sessions with nearly all the sessions available on demand for the next 6 months.

In his opening welcome to the conference @SteveGFord , CEO of @theRCOT, encouraged delegates to enjoy, debate, discuss, learn and grow as individuals and as a profession. Even if you didn’t go, there was opportunity to see or hear about some of the content and discussion reflected in tweets or what colleagues may have shared with you. So, let reflect together on it.

The questions we will be considering are

  1. Did you attend #RCOT2021? What influenced your choice?
  2. From what you saw of it/ heard of it/ contributed to it what was something that you gained?
  3. Conference had 4 official themes – from your experience of it so far was there anything that was the biggest focus?
  4. How will you apply what you gained from #RCOT2021?
  5. #RCOT2021 content will be available for 6 months (and tickets are still available to buy up to end of July), how will you use this resource?

Post Chat

The Numbers

1.990M Impressions

338 Tweets

45 Participants

14 Avg Tweets/Hour

8 Avg Tweets/Participant 

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