#OTalk 29th June 2021 – Working with older people through Covid-19

This OTalk is hosted by RCOT Specialist Section for Older People (@RCOT_OP).

The global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has had huge direct and indirect impacts on the ageing population. In some settings Occupational Therapists have been experiencing the direct impact of people having the disease, and in others the indirect impacts of social isolation, reduced community services and the lock down restrictions. 

The RCOT Specialist Section for Older People want to start discussions about the impact the pandemic has had on Occupational Therapists working with older people, and the people they are working with. The questions and discussion for the OTalk have been informed by emerging themes from a piece of work looking into the impact of Covid-19 on hospitalised older people through follow up. These include changes in the Clinical Frailty Scores from pre-admission to discharge and follow up, significant changes in function, and added pressure on the health and social care systems through additional packages of care, equipment needs and ongoing professional input required. 

The questions to facilitate discussion on the night will include: 

  1. Are Occupational Therapists using a Clinical Frailty Score in screening and initial assessments of people presenting with Covid-19? 
  2. Did people see a change in frailty score as a result of Covid-19?
  3. What are peoples experiences of seeing a change in functional level in older people as a result of Covid-19?
  4. How did Covid-19 impact discharge planning, decisions and destinations from hospital? immediate and long term.


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