#OTalk – 22nd June 2021 – Using podcasts for CPD

This weeks talk is hosted by @Ruth_Hawley and @OT_KateT who jointly run @OTPodcastClub.

With recent growths in the production and availability of podcasts relevant to occupational therapy across health and social care settings, podcasts are a valuable resource to support students’ and practitioners’ learning and CPD.  Podcasts provide a flexible, accessible way for learning to take place (Nielsen et al, 2018).  Research suggest that podcasts support active, social, and creative aspects of learning and strengthen reflection (Palenque, 2015) with sound as a powerful way to absorb information (Plomp, 2021). 

Yet many individuals across the Occupational Therapy community are either not aware or do not regularly engage with podcasts in this way to support their learning and CPD.  For those who do use podcasts this is often done in an individual context with limited opportunity to discuss their learning or consider its application to their practice with other Occupational Therapists.

OT podcast club was started in June 2020 with the aim of encouraging regular listening to podcasts on relevant topics and to create an opportunity to discuss the content with others.  Connecting through word of mouth and twitter (@OTPodcastClub) this group of friendly and enthusiastic OTs meet online every three weeks to review and discuss a chosen podcast.  Following the meeting an edited version of this discussion is subsequently released as a podcast.  Over the past year the group has met 17 times, discussing 16 podcasts across a wide range of topics.  Topics have included online technology use within OT, imposter syndrome, attachment styles, gender identity, race, occupational balance, the darkside of occupation, sex and intimacy within OT and more.  To see full details of podcasts the group has listened to, recommended and the wide range of podcasts available please visit and contribute to this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mUTjQEraP5PhS3HbN_QUOg8MFl9rtwIAbYOdPj2USGw/edit#gid=0 

To listen to highlights of OT podcast club discussions, find our podcast on most podcast platforms, or access it here.


Q’s :

  1. Do you listen to podcasts for leisure or professional reasons? Have you ever considered listening to a podcast for your professional learning or ongoing CPD?
  2. Do you have any recommendations of podcasts that you thought were useful and if so, what topics do they cover?  If not, what would like to see a podcast covering?
  3. How do podcasts fit into your life? Where, when and how do you listen and does this affect what you gain from them?
  4. How do you/could you apply your learning from podcast listening?  Do you have any examples of something you have learnt and applied from a podcast?
  5. What would help you to make more use of podcasts to support your CPD?


Nielsen, S.N., Andersen, R.H. and Dau, S., 2018, October. Podcast as a learning media in higher education. In European Conference on E-learning (pp. 424-430). Academic Conferences International Limited.

Palenque, S. M., 2015. THE POWER OF PODCASTING: PERSPECTIVES ON PEDAGOGY. Journal of Instructional Research, pp. 4-7 .

Plomp, C. (2021) Podcasts, an essential part of our educational approach?  Available at: https://media-and-learning.eu/type/featured-articles/podcasts-an-essential-part-of-our-educational-approach/  (Accessed 27th May 2021)

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