#OTalk – 1st June 2021 – Outcome Measures and interventions used by Occupational Therapists to manage long COVID

To be hosted by Anita Atwal @anita_atwal, Associate Professor, South Bank University, Emma Nicklin @emmakears Trust Wide Head of Profession for Occupational Therapy, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Kirsty Stanley @Occ4LifeLtd, Independent Occupational Therapist

@preston_jenny will be on the account

Occupational Therapy is viewed as key to enabling persons with long COVID return back to their everyday daily activities.  Evidence is needed to guide interventions and to monitor changes. This is challenging since evidence from NICE guidance (2020) on the management of long covid acknowledges that there is little evidence on intervention and or the common symptoms related to COVID-19, such as fatigue, dizziness and cognitive problems (such as ‘brain fog’), but the panel agreed that support, such as setting achievable goals, should be tailored to the person’s needs.

This Twitter chat is anchored within co-production workshops involving occupational therapists  to reflect on interventions used within practice to identify barriers and facilitators to providing services.  Key findings from the workshop were:

1. Existing interventions being adapted but no agreement on actual occupational therapy interventions

2. Outcome measures not being used to evaluate occupational therapy elements of services

3.  Occupational therapists not always being able to articulate the unique selling point and or value of occupational therapy

4. Acknowledgement that current interventions carried out by occupational therapists could be adopted by other members of the multi- disciplinary team

This Twitter chat will explore each of the findings from the workshop.


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