#OTalk – 18th May 2021 – The new stroke service specification – what does this mean for community services?

This weeks chat will be hosted by Louise Clark @louiseclark15

April 2021 saw the NHS England endorsement of a new stroke service model, in response to the NHS Long Term Plan (2019). One of the priorities in the LTP (https://www.longtermpl) was to develop specialist, intensive rehabilitation services in the community for all who require them. With the new stroke service model detailing integrated community services, psychological care, and vocational rehabilitation, what does this mean for community stroke services as we know them?

Join Louise Clark (@louiseclark15) and colleagues from the RCOT- SSNP stroke forum (@RCOT_NP) and Dr Rebecca Fisher (NHS England- Rehabilitation and life after stroke lead @RebeccaJFisher_) to explore this in more detail.

Please join the stroke community on the NHS Futures platform to read the integrated community stroke service specification and many more useful documents and discussions (https://future.nhs.uk/strokecommunity/view?objectId=16024272#16024272).

We will explore the following questions:

1) What are the key features/most significant changes in the stroke service model for community services?

2) What are the benefits/opportunities of the proposed model?

3) What are the challenges/threats of the proposed model?

4) What steps are important in moving towards this model?


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