#OTalk 9th February 2021 – Feminism and Occupational Therapy

This weeks chat will be hosted by Dr Heather Baglee @HeatherBaglee.

I have started writing this blog about feminism and occupational therapy so many times… The reason I
think for stopping and starting has been that I was starting to write an academic piece and each time it
didn’t feel genuine. I don’t feel ‘academic’ about this subject! The underlying philosophy of feminism
and occupational therapy are part of who I am. I have made conscious choices to work with women
including leading groups for women in mental health settings, and more recently making a commitment
to develop leadership skills for women in the University setting. In my research I chose to use a feminist
methodology, and as the poem says, ‘took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.’

I don’t believe that I am alone in holding both philosophies close to my heart – so I have questions… –
‘Where is the conversation about feminism and occupational therapy? Where is the ongoing dialogue
about feminism in a profession that is 96% women?

I want to use the #OTalk session to develop a conversation about Feminism and occupational therapy.


  1. What brings you to this #OTalk about feminism and Occupational Therapy?
  2. Where do you see the links between feminism and occupational therapy?
  3. Where is the conversation about feminism and occupational therapy?
  4. How might we move forward with bringing life to this subject?


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