Saying Goodbye & Leaving the #OTalk team

Hello, this is a quick post to let you all know that I am leaving the OTALK team. I enjoyed being part of the founding team and contributing to the cultivation of this fabulous community of occupational therapists and watch it become the vibrant and active community it has. I still remember the days when there would just be 2 or 3 of us chatting online and remember the people who said “it’ll never work” and how wonderful it was to see it indeed “work” and work very well. I will always be amazed at the opportunities that signing up to twitter and having a “chat” created for me and others – The brilliant friendships that came from it will last a life time and it has contributed to my clinical practice significantly.

Having said that, over the past few years I have needed to adjust my life and make changes to my commitments. I have had more of a back room role for some time now, however there are other projects I want and need to focus my time on. I live with Chronic Pain and self care is an important part of managing this well and so I have decided to leave the team and pursue other things. I hope to engage more as a participant and continue to be part of the learning. The current team are the most fantastic group of women you can imagine and we will remain great friends.

I will continue tweeting as @GillyGorry, and will be launching a new website and commence blogging again, likely sharing my crafting or health and wellbeing stories.

OTalk belongs to the community and is in good hands with the OTalk team and I know it will continue to flourish.



Work Life Balance

Gillian Gorry