#OTalk 24 November 2020 – Practice Placement Advice

This weeks chat will be hosted by Nina Bedding & Cath Turner @OT_ninabedding. @CathTurner7.

During September we, alongside other universities across the country, have welcomed back returning and new students in a very different way to previous years. The use of technology and virtual learning is at an all-time high as we are forced to stay safe throughout this global pandemic. It is lovely to have such passionate and enthusiastic students who are flexible and willing to adapt to the various learning and teaching methods. Students will be wondering about if and how practice placements will be incorporated in to their courses, as well as having the usual anticipatory feelings about the new experience coming their way.

Every Occupational Therapist began as a student. We expect every one of us in the occupational therapy community had apprehensions about placement at the same time as being super excited. Some of our students have had placements cancelled and therefore desperate to get out into the ‘real world’ others are more cautious as they are now in second year and have still not had that valuable placement experience. So what better way than for us to use this reflective #OTtalk opportunity to share our experiences and advice around practice placements. This hour will also offer students the opportunity to share advice and ask questions about the journey they have embarked upon. As you will be sharing examples, please remember to maintain the confidentiality of the people that you worked with and the places where you were on placement.

For any new students please jump in and ask questions as the hour goes by.

  1. For our students out there, what are you most looking forward to and least looking forward to?
  2. What preparation would you advise a student to do in the lead up to a
  3. What was the highlight of your placement experience, were there any light bulb moments?
  4. If you could give one bit of advice to a student about to commence a
    placement what would it be?


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