#OTalk 20th October 2020 – Application of Theory to Occupational Therapy Practice, during Practice Placements – a current debate.

Hi, my name is Emma Spellman (OTEmmaS @EmmaspellmanOT) and I have been an occupational therapist for over 24 years. During my student years, practitioner years and now as an academic I have heard stories from students, practice educators and academics about the challenges occupational therapy students have when trying to apply theory to practice. This application is especially important for the purposes of preparing for, using during and reflecting upon post practice placements. Is this something that is commonly discussed within our occupational therapy profession?

Below I have outlined the questions constructed from both current related literature and golden threads from narratives I have heard, that I think are the most important ones for our discourse on Tuesday ../8/20 during OTalk at 8 pm. Can we as a community shed a modern light on this issue and find some common agreements? Please join us.


  1. Why is applying theory to practice important please?
  2. Please can you provide one example of a theory that you think is useful in occupational therapy practice?
  3. What do you think currently drives occupational therapy students to learn theory and use it in practice please?
  4. What do you think are the current barriers that occupational therapy students face learning and applying theory to practice please?
  5. How do you think student’s ability to both learn theory and apply it to practice be improved please?

2 thoughts on “#OTalk 20th October 2020 – Application of Theory to Occupational Therapy Practice, during Practice Placements – a current debate.”

  1. Please can you advise is there an ID code to get into the zoom meetings on Tuesdays?
    Also are they recorded and available to watch retrospectively?


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