#OTalk 8th September 2020 – Cognitive screening (and implications for the MOCA certification).

This week the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section Neurological Practice – Stroke Clinical Forum are hosting the chat.

In the UK, Occupational therapists, as well as Neuropsychologists use the MoCA widely in stroke care to screen for cognitive impairment. From September 2020, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) requires those carrying out the screen to have undertaken certificated training to obtain a licence for continued use.  Training fees/licence can be purchased for an individual or a service and is available ere: https://www.mocatest.org/. This change has come about through an increase in litigation in the United States where the scores of the MoCA had been used for diagnostic purposes.   

In light of this current change, services are having to review their use of cognitive screens, consider alternatives and undertake the certificated training if they wish to continue using the MoCA.  In this OTalk, the RCOT SSNP Stroke Clinical Forum, alongside colleagues from Neuropsychology will discuss current use of cognitive screens, issues around interpretation and training needs.  

We look forward to a busy #OTalk, with relevance to wider areas of practice and other screening tools.


Q1. What cognitive screens due you currently use in your service? 

Q2.  At what point post-stroke do you use a cognitive screen and how do you use it ? (from a patient perspective, treatment planning, research)  

Q3. What issues are there in relation to administration and interpretation of cognitive screens (not MOCA specific) (thinking OT, assistants, interface between OT and Neuropsychology)

Q4. What have your services done to date in response to the new requirements around the MoCA? 

Q5.  The stroke forum and BPS are hoping to collaborate to create a guidance / competency framework around tool selection, administration and interpretation to use across stroke teams.  What specific guidance about cognitive screens would you find useful? 

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