#OTalk 11th August 2020 – Adaptions to meaningful occupations during lockdown.

This weeks chat will be hosted by The Glasgow Caledonian University Occupational Therapy Society @GCUOTS.

Lockdown has been a trying period for most of us. Many of us have had our lives interrupted in some way, and as a result have been adapting to those changes. Some of us have had our roles taken away or may be taking on a new role that we didn’t expect back in February. The Glasgow Caledonian University Occupational Therapy Society would like to take the opportunity during this week’s OTalk to reflect on these adaptions. Within our committee we shared how some of us have been adapting during the past few months;

-Unable to go to the swimming pool, one of our members has taken up wild swimming.
-Takeaway coffee mornings with family instead of meeting inside a coffee shop.
-Athletics club unable to meet and train in person doing training circuits via skype.
-Not getting out of the house but going on virtual walking tours of other countries.
-Taking activities outside to a garden or park.

Through discussing our own adaptions, it came to light that we were all focusing on the brighter side of our own situations even though many of us have had plans postponed or cancelled. One of our members pointed out our shared skills as a committee and profession of problem solving and looking for positive outcomes. With this in mind, we would also like to open up the discussion to any adaptions that might not have been so welcome.
Questions for the #OTalk will be as follows;
1) What adaptions have you made for yourselves during the past few months?
2) Have any adaptions made your occupations more meaningful?
3) Have any of your occupations been less meaningful with adaptions you have had to make?
4) Have you engaged in any new activities, occupations or taken on any new roles during
lockdown that you didn’t engage with previously?

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