#OTalk 28th July 2020 – Recovery Through Activity

This weeks OTalk will be hosted by Jess Powell @JessOTpowell. 

Seen as an ideal pre discharge intervention as it helps individuals to connect with their local community, engage in activity in a supportive environment and to learn new skills that they can continue to use after being discharged from mental health services.

Recovery through activity is based on the Model of Human Occupation and is fully endorsed by Royal College of Occupational Therapists. The intervention comprises 12 sessions delivered once a week over 12 weeks, encompassing activities across social, leisure, work and spiritual areas of life .Participants are encouraged to explore new activities and utilise these as a basis to build their confidence, overcome personal barriers and develop new interests. 

In the recent draft Nice Guidelines reference was made to a lack of evidence to support key interventions to support the recovery for people with mental health problems. 

The guiding principle is that it is possible for people to regain a meaningful life despite managing a long term mental health condition. 

This intervention would contribute to the evidence base appertaining to this principle.

Question 1 :Have you used recovery through activity in your setting? If not why not? 

Question 2 :how can we show case, case formulation within MDT to encompass recovery through activity 

Question 3: How should we measure the success recovery through activity? 

 Question 4: How can we make recovery through activity a Nice recognised intervention 

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