#OTalk – 9th June 2020 – The Occupational Therapy role in Epilepsy assessment and intervention

This week @GarroneJuliana is hosting.

I thought the topic of the role of Occupational Therapy in epilepsy would be a valuable one to discuss. Throughout my MSc it was not discussed in great detail and I would love for people to share ideas with one another on this topic. As part of my education I completed a research project (thematic analysis) looking at quality of life in youth with epilepsy. It was a valuable project that opened my eyes to the various areas where OT can be involved with those who have epilepsy. It highlighted how a range of occupations can be impacted by a diagnosis of epilepsy. Additionally, I am currently completing a Community Development placement at an Epilepsy non-profit in Canada. Our project is to create a “Personalized Seizure Plan” focusing on how an individual’s occupations are impacted by epilepsy so they can education their caregivers, teachers, health care professionals, etc.


Epilepsy and its varied seizure types effect the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, recreational and vocational functioning of individuals and their families (Clerico, 1989). Occupational therapists can help find out why people have problems with activities of daily living and teach them ways of adapting or compensating for the problems (Epilepsy Foundation). In addition to the physical and social implications of epilepsy, epilepsy affects cognition, mood, affect, memory and attention (Motamedi & Meador, 2003).


I believe Occupational Therapists should be a necessary health care professional involved in the care of those with epilepsy. Our role as client-centered practitioners can be utilized extensively in this area. Advocating for ourselves as clinicians in epilepsy care, as well as our clients is vital.



  1. What does quality of life mean to you?
  2. What is your understanding of the OT role in epilepsy care?
  3. How can we promote a need for OTs to work with this population?
  4. What occupations are most affected by epilepsy?
  5. Does the OT role differ when comparing the broad range of epilepsy types?
  6. How can we advocate for the role of OT in epilepsy?


Thank you for your time!


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