#OTalk 17th March 2020 – Student vision and internationalisation with @SPOTeurope

This week SPOT EUROPE BOARD @SPOTeurope are hosting here is what they had to say

As the SPOT Europe Board, we aim to encourage and increase internationalisation and OT student connection across Europe, as well as ensure students voices are heard in the development of Occupational Therapy education. We are passionate about using the board to connect with other students to exchange experiences, opportunities, knowledge and ideas.

The idea was developed at the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) Congress and since then has made huge progress! SPOTeurope is run by students for students and, as such, thrives on new students getting involved.


What does internationalisation mean to you and what opportunities have you had in your curriculum / practice for this

What is your vision for internationalisation? And how could this impact your studies /practice.

Has your vision of internationalisation changed since starting your studies / practice?

What opportunities do you wish you could have for internationalisation? What skills and challenges are there to this?

The SPOTeurope Board

Post chat updates:

Online transcript from HealthCare#

PDF of transcript: #OTalk 17 March 2020

The Numbers

2.170M Impressions
412 Tweets
31 Participants

#OTalk Participants




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