OTalk – 10th March 2020- The third sector: experience of a newly qualified OT. 

This week out host is Sophie Cresswell @93SophieC here is what she has to say.

This time last year I was taking the final steps in my Occupational therapy degree, ready to don my green trousers and enter the wonderful world of OT!  During my training I was lucky to have placements in a broad range of settings from paediatrics to palliative care which helped me to develop my clinical reasoning and ‘bread and butter’ skills. A notoriously difficult area to get a placement in was complex learning disabilities and PMLD, this is where my previous role as a support assistant had given me insight into the OT role with this population. 

When an opportunity came up for a band 5 position at a specialist college for young adults with complex physical, learning and communication needs I jumped at the chance. A year on and I am loving the diversity of clinical input and the opportunity for creativity that the role offers.

Around 60% of occupational therapists work within the health sector, providing essential input to individuals from all walks of life. Occupational therapists are becoming an integral part of diverse services such as in charities, ambulance services and within community centers. In recent years, strategies and initiatives such as the NHS five year forward have placed focus on preventative measures and supporting individuals to remain healthy and independent in their own homes wherever possible.

In response, occupational therapists are working in more diverse and non-traditional settings than ever. However these posts are generally less accessible to newly qualified therapists, often requiring direct experience in the field or several years of practice under the belt.  

This chat aims to explore the options and opportunities for newly qualified therapists in a range of diverse settings and examines how we can create more opportunities and develop as a practitioner in a non-traditional setting. The following questions will be considered:

  1. What are the main factors influencing/that did influence your first post as a newly qualified?
  • Direct experience of entering 3rd sector
  1. What are the possible benefits and challenges of entering a static, 3rd sector post as a newly qualified practitioner?
  1. What do you think could be done to open up doors for newly qualified therapists in 3rd sector settings?
  1. What resources and strategies could you use as a newly qualified to support your development as a practitioner in a non-traditional setting – where formal preceptorship may not be available?
  • RCOT resources
  • Peer supervision 
  • Keeping up with CPD events e.g. the OT show


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