Welcome to our new Intern Ruth #OTalk

Hi there, I’m Ruth and I’m thrilled to be the new intern for #OTalk.  I work part time for the University of Derby teaching on their Occupational Therapy programmes.   Prior to this role I worked for 19 years in the NHS in mental health care across in-patient, day hospital and community settings, including a period of 13 years within an Early Intervention in Psychosis team.
I am enthusiastic and passionate about many aspects of occupational therapy but have particular interests in mental health, psychosis, homelessness, occupational therapy education, practice education/ placements and emerging roles for occupational therapy.   When I am not working I volunteer at my local foodbank most weeks, and at a temporary homeless night shelter over the winter months.  I am a keen lover of the value of occupations and try to find time each week to do some of my favourite occupations such as nature walks, running, baking or crochet.
As I have witnessed for myself the valued role of #OTalk discussions in sharing learning and promoting the role and value of occupational therapy I am really excited to be joining the team to further develop my digital skills, to contribute to the maintenance and growth of #OTalk for the future and to have a new expanded network of lovely OT’s to connect with.

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