#OTalk 21st Jan 2020 – What is Professional Identity?

This week Fiona Page @FionaPageOT is hosting this is what she had to say

I am Interested in facilitating a conversation about what Professional Identity is and what it means to us as Occupational Therapists. We work in such a wide range of settings; with a wide range individuals and groups. We cover a wide range of conditions and situations within our practice.        As individuals and within the wider profession what does it mean to be an Occupational Therapist. 

Has our individual professional identity changed since we qualified and started within this profession? Where and how will our professional identity develop in the future?

This OT Talk coincides with a time when final year Occupational Therapy students are starting to think about making their next steps. So this is a valuable topic to reflect on as an experienced professional, but also important for those more recently or soon to be qualified, as our professional identity will change and evolve with them.

The questions for consideration are:

1 What does professional identity mean to you?  What internal and external influences are there for this?

2 How has this identity changed since you qualified or started training? 

3 How does our professional identity need to develop in the future? What will the opportunities and challenges be?

4 What wider skills do we need to develop as part of our Professional Identity?

Fiona Page, Senior Lecturer, University of Derby

Post chat update

Online Transcript – HealthCare#Project

PDF of Transcript #OTalk 21 Jan 2020

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1 thought on “#OTalk 21st Jan 2020 – What is Professional Identity?”

  1. My professional identity has changed significantly. Having trained as an OT in the era focussed around Activity and Activity Analysis, the emphasis is now on Occupation. Subtle difference but significant to the profession.
    From a focus on treatment, through discharge facilitation, to admission reduction.
    Equipment provision, to client engagement.
    From a small unremarkable profession to one that holds a position in health and social care, driving change and influencing all.


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