#OTalk Research 7th January – join us for a reflection.

As we move into a New Year and a new decade the #OTalkResearch team have been doing some reflection and we wanted to use the first #OTalk Research of 2020 to engage, as a community, in celebrating what we have achieved over the last 12 months and thinking about our research intentions for 2020.

It is all too easy to think about the things we haven’t done and forget to take time to celebrate the things we have achieved. It may be presenting your research for the first time, starting or completing a dissertation, learning a new method, finishing analysing your data or getting your first publication. We’d love you, for a moment to step into this space and to take a moment to share the journeys you have travelled.

But this #OTalk isn’t just about looking back it’s also about looking forward. There is something compelling about setting down our intentions in public, finding the courage to make a commitment to moving forward, to stand in that space of saying publicly, ‘this is what I am going to do in 2020.’

When we started #OTalk Research three years ago it was with the intention of increasing the profile of research within the #OTalk community. After 3 years we are wondering whether we have now reached a stage now where we no longer need a regular monthly research focused spot. We want to spend the last part of this talk to explore this question together.

The questions we will be exploring are:

Q1. What are you celebrating about your engagement with research in 2019?

Q2. What are your research intentions for 2020.

Q3. What do you need to put in place to make sure you achieve them?

Q4 What have you gained from engaging in the research specific OTalk Researches?

Q5 How can OTalk continue to contribute to your CPD in relation to research

Q6. Is it time for research to become the same as any OTalktopic or does it still need its own dedicated spot?

We are looking forward to starting 2020 with you.

@lynnegoodacre, @preston_jenny, @NikkiDanielsOT and @hooper_ek.

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@lynnegoodacre, @preston_jenny, @NikkiDanielsOT, @hooper_ek.

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