#OTalk 10th Dec 2019 The importance of evidence-based practice in OT

This week #OTalk will be hosted by Susan Griffiths – @SusanGriffiths5  here is what she had to say;

The use of evidence-based practice has become increasingly important in occupational therapy practice.  As occupational therapists we all want to provide occupation-based interventions for our clients that actually work. However, in reality this is challenging especially in the UK where the NHS services are underfunded and yet we are still expected to deliver evidence-based interventions on limited resources.

This has got me wondering what interventions is everyone using in practice. I know in my workplace, the OTs are using a mixture of OT interventions but not all of them are supported by research evidence (at least not yet).

In a society where we are under pressure to provide evidence based interventions on increasingly limited resources, why do we as OTs still persists in using interventions that have limited evidence? So, with this in mind, I would like to invite you all join me in a discussion where the following questions will be asked:

  1. What evidence-based interventions are you currently using in practice?
  2. What are or have been the challenges or barriers to providing evidence-based interventions?
  3. What interventions are you using that you know has limited or emerging evidence and why?
  4. Should we only be using evidence-based interventions?
  5. What can we do to increase the evidence for occupation-based interventions in our daily practice?

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Online transcript from HealthCare HashTags Project.

PDF of the transcript: #OTalk 10 Dec 2019

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