#OTalk 15th Oct 2019 The Elizabeth Casson Trust launch of their International Scholarship award. 

This week the chat will be hosted by The Elizabeth Casson Trust who are proud to announce the launch of their International Scholarship award. 

Earlier this year, The Elizabeth Casson Trust launched their Conference Awards. These were designed to enable Occupational Therapists to attend an occupation focussed conference within the UK, either as part of their ongoing learning or in order to present their work.  So far, the conference awards have funded 40 individuals to attend national and international conferences. The feedback we have received from recipients has been very positive with great enthusiasm and ideas on what to take back to practice.

We are now launching our International Scholarship providing successful scholars an opportunity to reorient their careers and lift themselves to a higher professional level.

Our future plans also include the launch of an impact award. 

Aim of the Twitter chat

  • We aim to introduce these awards 
  • Give individuals a chance to explore ways in which the grants could be best used
  • Provide guidance on how to compile a successful application
  • Answer any questions.

Some questions to consider 

  • How could I use the opportunity?
  • What tips do you have for a successful application? 
  • What are the post scholarship expectations?
  • What other opportunities and future awards are the trust considering?
  • Is this opportunity for me?
  • What will the international scholarship funding cover?
  • What support will I have while I am away?
  • Which countries could I plan to visit on my itinerary?


Host: ElizabethCassonTrust @ElizabethCasso1

On the OTalk account: @helenotuk

Online transcript

#OTalk Healthcare Social Media Transcript October 15th 2019

The Numbers

1.090M Impressions
205 Tweets
37 Participants
91 Avg Tweets/Hour
Avg Tweets/Participant

#OTalk Participants



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